About Us

LiveRite was created to help people to improve their general well-being by striving to better their daily lives. By tracking certain every day activities and comparing them to our happiness we can get a picture of where a small improvement in a certain area of our lives could lead to a significant improvement in our well-being.

This idea was borne out of Electrical Engineer Shane Lowe's Phd study and the concept of "Quantified Self". Through his research on monitoring the elderly in their homes Shane realised that we could all benefit from recording certain data from our daily lives. Budgeting apps have made a huge difference to people where they have gained control of their daily spending and LiveRite aims to do the same for our general well-being.

By simply getting a clear picture of how we are treating ourselves we can make a huge difference by striving to improve in areas where we might have thought we were doing fine. LiveRite was designed to use integrate behavioural science principles to help this improvement. Download LiveRite now and see if you can improve your well-being.



Shane Lowe


Shane is a Phd student at NUI Galway specialising in Bio-electronics, Ambient Assisted Living, Kinematic sensors and Android development.




Kevin Lowe


Kevin is a Law graduate who is also currently working on a mobile payments startup called payByMobile.




Lorna Flynn


Lorna is a Psychology and Behaviour Analysis graduate. Her interests lie in user retention and behaviour change.