Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is LiveRite available on Android phones?
Yes LiveRite is currently available on Google play and the itunes store.
2. How much does the LiveRite app cost?
The LiveRite app is 79 cent.
3. What daily habits can I record on the LiveRite app?
  • 5 fruit and/or veg a day
  • 8 glasses of water
  • 3 square meals
  • 8 hours sleep
  • Exercise
  • Social activity
4. Can I add my own exercise activities?
At the moment you can't add your own exercise activities but feel free to leave any suggestions through the Contact Us page we will consider adding them.
5. How much exercise do I need to do to cover me for the day?
Generally the minimum we would suggest would be a half an hour of exercise. This should be at the very least a walk or something of equivalent intensity. Obviously the more exercise you do the better. The main point here is to do some exercise every day.
6. If I do 2 hours of exercise today does it mean I don't need to do any for the next few days?
No, doing alot of exercise one day is not a substitute for doing some every day. Obviously we know this is not possible every day, however you should make every effort to do it every day.
7. What qualifies as a social activity?
Any activity you partake in that includes socialising with other people. This could include going to a movie, visiting friends or watching a game.
8. Where can I see my information on the website?
At the moment you can't see your LiveRite data on the website but we will be adding this functionlity very soon. Check the website for updates.
9. Is there any evidence to suggest LiveRite improves your well-being?
LiveRite is designed around time-honored advice that has been supported in widespread medical and scientific research. There is no mystery around a good diet, adequate sleep, exercise and social interaction for improving your well-being. LiveRite simply helps you to improve on these aspects of your daily life by allowing you to track and analyse your daily habits.
10. How do I get the "Perfect Day2 badge?
Achieve a 100% LiveRite score on any given day.
11. How do I get the "Green Machine" badge?
You can get the "Green Machine" badge by completing your 5 a day target on any given day. Easy peasy!
12. How do I get the "Aquaman" badge?
Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 5 out of 7 days.
13. How do I get the "Full House" badge?
Achieve a 100% LiveRite score for 7 days in a row.
14. How do I get the "Happy Camper" badge?
Achieve a LiveRite score of 80% or more and a Happiness score of 9 or more in any given week.
15. How do I get the "Morpheus" badge?
Sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night for a week.
16. How do I get the "Olympian" badge?
Exercise 5 out of 7 days to achieve this badge.
17. How do I get the "Power User" badge?
Use LiveRite for 5 days in a row.
18. How do I get the "Van Wilder" badge?
You can achieve the "Van Wilder" badge by participating in 3 different social activities in any given week.